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~NB: For the moment we are closed. It is our intention to extent the current exhibition as soon as the current lockdown ends. Please check the information below for updates on our activities and planning~

Dear reader,

We are happy to invite you to Between the Teeth. Between the Teeth is a collaboration between Isabelle Sully and Matt Hinkley (Unbidden Tongues) that will showcase diverse material from the legacy of Korean-American artist and writer Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (Busan 1951 - New York 1982) in partnership with the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Her multilingual oeuvre includes artists’ books, mail art, performance, audio, video, film and installation, based on an embodied thinking about mother tongue and forced migration. Her non-conformist experimental novel Dictée is an influential work in the context of identity, ethnicity and gender.

At Manifold Books we will host two reading group sessions, on December 10 and January 21, organised by Arnisa Zeqo and Sara Giannini with a number of special guests. Lineages begins with a close reading of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s novel Dictée. It acts as a common thread that binds the presentation of Unbidden Tongues to a forthcoming project taking place at Rongwrong in the spring of 2022, curated by Sara Giannini and Arnisa Zeqo. This project, also titled Lineages, aims to revive the legacy of Cha in Amsterdam, where she lived and exhibited in the late 1970s.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Manifold Books

Manifold Books #14 &
Unbidden Tongues #5 

Between the Teeth
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
28/11/2021 – 22/01/2022
~Update: new end date to be announced asap!~

Opening 28/11/2021, 3–5 pm
open on Thu-Fri 1-5 pm
& by appointment
location: MAP

Lineages reading group
organised with Arnisa Zeqo and Sara Giannini
10/12/’21, 3-5 pm
21/01/’22, 3-5 pm
~Update: event canceled, new date & time to be announced asap!~

Fundraiser limited edition Ex Libris stamp

designed by Isabelle Sully and Matt Hinkley (Unbidden Tongues)
Sponsored by Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus B.V.
Available at Manifold Books
and via e-mail
€ 100,- each, edition of 25

In 1978, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha created a stamp titled Mot Caché (Hidden Word) for the International Rubber Stamp Design Exhibition at Stempelplaats, held in Amsterdam and speculated to have been organised by Ulises Carrión. Drawing on a connection between Cha and Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus B.V.—a long-running family business of stamp makers in whose shop the Stempelplaats was held—Isabelle Sully and Matt Hinkley designed a stamp on the occasion of Between the Teeth, produced in an edition of 25. Funds raised from the sale of the stamp will support Manifold Books’ programme for the coming year, while also providing the purchaser with a small dedication—to whoever they wish to gift a book, and to unbidden tongues everywhere, Cha’s included.

Film screening 
organised as part of Playbill by Martha Jager and Isabelle Sully
~Please note: date & time to be confirmed!~
Torpedo Theater
location: MAP

The film screening at Torpedo Theater is part of Playbill (a new series of events curated by Martha Jager and Isabelle Sully). Focusing in on Cha’s video works, the screening will draw on a letter written by Cha that was found in de Appel archive by Martha Jager. 

Between the Teeth is part of a new series of exhibitions running until the summer of 2022. The title of this sequence, Inwardly luscent, is a quote from Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. Inwardly luscent emphasises opulent inner worlds, testifying to their capacity for resistance. In various ways, each exhibition deals with processes of figuring out one’s own way of living within all kinds of imposed systemic limitations. 

This programme has been made possible by:
Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus B.V.
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Unbidden Tongues
Torpedo Theater
de Appel

We would like to thank:
Nicholas van der Plaats, Bart Overeem, Sara Giannini, Stephanie Cannizzo, Martha Jager and de Appel Amsterdam

Sofar, Manifold Books has organised shows/projects with:
Hadassah Emmerich, Eileen Quinlan, Melissa Gordon, To See the Inability to See, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Kato Six, Riet Wijnen, Patricia Esquivias, Aglaia Konrad, Özlem Altın, Gwenneth Boelens, Barbara Neves Alves, Baha Görkem Yalım,
Martín La Roche Contreras
, Dongyoung Lee, Maartje Fliervoet

About Manifold Books

Manifold Books’ activities may be best described as a spatial investigation exploring connections between art and books. With each exhibition a few titles are added to its book collection (all including artists’ interventions). Manifold Books has received funding from: the Mondriaan Fund (2019); the AFK (2020). Currently its programme is supported by the AFK, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus B.V.

Manifold Books is a foundation with an independent board consisting of:
Arnisa Zeqo (chair)
Stéphanie Noach (secretary)
Paul Domela (treasurer)

Regular opening hours (during presentations only): Thursdays and Fridays from 1-5 pm, or make an appointment via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram.

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